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This winter join Moon Mountain and Luxe Nomad Collective in downtown Nevada City, California for a three month workshop series that will provide an in-depth journey through the fiber arts.

You will begin by learning to spin raw wool into hand spun yarn, then dive into natural dyeing techniques with brilliant plant hues, then you will finish by weaving your own beautiful textile.


JANUARY will focus on the Ancient art of Fiber Spinning with Annyea Healy of Niona Ki-Medicine Wheel Threads.

FEBRUARY will offer a month of natural dyeing techniques using brilliant wild plant hues with Mattie of Juniperous.

MARCH will dive deep into the craft of textile weaving with the talented Rhiannon of Ghostdancer.

(You can sign up for each individual month, or the whole series!)

If you have wanted to learn more about the craft of working with fiber, this is your opportunity to gain foundational knowledge with the quiet winter time to practice your new skill.

The series will be taught by a collective of highly skilled women who have spent years honing their craft. Each of these women also run their own business with their artistic offering.



A B O U T the C L A S S E S


This workshop offers an unique, intimate and in-depth opportunity to explore the world of natural animal fibers through learning the ancient art of spinning.

The drop spindle is a simple tool composed of a shaft and a whorl that, for thousands of years, has provided humans with the ability to spin plant and animal fiber. The spindle is spun by hand, and with the weight of the spindle being pulled towards Earth, the fibers are twisted, creating strong, durable thread.

With the spinning wheel, we are able to create thread much more efficiently than with a drop spindle. A foot powered treadle propels the wheel around, which then adds twist into the fiber, and winds the thread onto a bobbin. These tools, which were once found in many homes across the world, have now been mostly forgotten and left behind.Until very recently, all of our fabric, everything from the clothes on our backs, to the sails on our ships, began with hand spun thread!

Spin into a humbled, peaceful place through exploring all that fiber spinning has to teach us. Participants will leave this workshop with a rich and deep appreciation for this labor of love, a comprehensive understanding of the history of fiber spinning and different animal fibers, fiber preparation techniques, songs and stories, the ability to twist these fibers into thread using both spinning wheels and drop spindles, and their own beautifully unique skeins of yarn!


more information to be announced!


more information to be announced!


A B O U T the T E A C H E R S

ANNYEA HEALY | Fiber Spinning

Annyea is inspired by the natural world around her. A student and teacher of fiber arts, she is always looking to dive deeper into source. Through her creative practice, Annyea supports small and local farms, hand spins this wool on her wheel, uses plant dyes to create organic color, and crochets and weaves these threads to life. Annyea believes deeply that this type of creation supports Earth in a beautiful way, and she is dedicated to spreading this awareness through action.

"By slowing down, and spinning fibers with our hands, we are remembering. We are spinning the past into the future and weaving prayers into cloth. We are making conscious, intentional effort to rise through the illusion. By using natural, locally and sustainablily sourced fiber, we are connecting with the earth in a beautiful, tangible way.” -A.H.

Annyea lives deep in a nourishing cedar forest with her family, in Nevada City, California. When she is not at her wheel or loom, she spends much of her time exploring the plant and animal kingdom, creating music, participating in ceremony, and growing food and medicine.

Her creative journey can be followed and supported on Instagram @niona_ki and on Etsy Niona Ki


MATTIE MORTON | Natural Dyeing

I believe that personal healing and Gaian healing go hand in hand; that deeply felt experiences of unity facilitate individual healing and motivate efforts to nourish and protect the earth through conscious stewardship.” – Mattie Morton

As an herbalist and artist Mattie works to connect people to nature, through art, medicine, education, and the practice of heart conscious perception. Her intention is to help people regain a sense of unity between themselves and Gaia.

Though the Earth is her primary guide and teacher, she has a broad educational background with a variety of teachers, each of whom has helped her grow in life.

Mattie holds a BFA in Fine Art and has been trained in botanical medicine through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, The Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, Hill Botanical, and the Anima’ Botanical and Animal Sanctuary.

She has studied natural dying through the works of India Flint and Jenny Dean, and practices natural dyeing in the creation of her botanically dyed clothing line Juniperous. She has studied aspects of permaculture under Sepp Holzer, and participated in the creation and operation of various farms, permaculture projects, non-profit organizations and sanctuaries.

Mattie lived at the Anima Botanical and Animal Sanctuary, in New Mexico, which is where her real education of listening to the plants, animals, elements, and spirits began. It is through heart conscious communication with the planet that she has come to weave, art, medicine, ecological protection, and activism together.



D A T E S + C O S T


Wednesday evenings

1/17, 1/24, 1/31, 2/7









Please visit our website www.moonmountaingathering.com to learn more about our annual Women's earth skills gathering.

Moon Mountain is an intentional women's gathering that supports our roots in village living, reconnects us with earth wisdom and fosters the growth of the collective feminine consciousness.

We gather in sisterhood to share and remember earth based skills, hold sacred space in song and ceremony, commune with the natural world and ground our vision of a global village community.This is a call to hold space for yourself, your expanding circle of women and the light of the coming generation; to share, grow, laugh and heal in harmony with nature.

Through creating solidarity and trust amongst ourselves, we usher in a paradigm that honors the divine feminine wisdom welling up from deep within our sacred bodies, hearts, and spirits. 

Moon Mountain was birthed organically and synchronistically out of a deep appreciation for sisterhood, a willingness to listen, and a powerful penchant for manifestation.

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